Tuesday, 20 October 2015

How to root your Redmi 1S with MIUI 6 or MIUI 7 Global ROM by simply using MI-Recovery

How to root your Redmi 1S

with MIUI 6 or MIUI 7 Global ROM

by simply using MI-Recovery


This simple step-by-step guide explains how to root the MIUI 6 or MIUI 7 Global ROM on your Redmi 1S by onlyusing the stock MI-Recovery. It does not require installing a custom recovery, installing fastboot on your PC or even using a PC at all.

By following this guide you will get a new app SuperSU by which you can control the root permission for your apps that are requesting root. You will not see these apps listed in Security > Permissions > Root access. 

In most cases this approach of rooting should not block OTA updates. You can also easily unroot in the settings of the SuperSU app.

This is a safe process,
but I am not responsible for anything bad
that happens to your phone

  • Redmi 1S with Stock MI-Recovery and MIUI 6 or MIUI 7 Global Rom (5.4.10 or later)
  • file Root_HM1S_MIUI6_Global.zip (attached, please reply to this thread to download the attachment)

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     Root_HM1S_MIUI6_Global.zip (2.67 MB, Downloads: 54977)

  • Download the file Root_HM1S_MIUI6_Global.zip to your phone (internal memory or SD card)
  • Launch the Updater app 

  • From the menu select 'Choose update package', navigate to the folder where you downloaded the fileRoot_HM1S_MIUI6_Global.zip and select it
  • The updater app now reboots into the recovery, installs the update and then performs a reboot
  • After the reboot has finished, start the newly installed app SuperSU and choose 'Continue' to update the SU binary 
  • In the next dialog select 'Normal' and an updated su binary will get installed 
  • Finally confirm to 'Reboot' after the successful installation
  • Check that root works properly by launching an app which requests root permissions (like Root Checker orTitanium Backup) and confirm the dialog asking for Superuser request with 'Grant'. 

  • Enjoy your rooted Redmi 1S

Important:It could happen that after an OTA update with a full ROM you need to apply root again, thus keep theRoot_HM1S_MIUI6_Global.zip file in your phone storage.


                                                                                                                             Source: Miui Forums

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